Welcome to Don Bosco, Jhanjharpur
Welcome to Don Bosco, Jhanjharpur
Report of the celebration of GANIT WEEK 2014 in our school

16-12-2014 Opening ceremony and lecture on Mathematics

In view of GANIT WEEK organised by Don Bosco Convent School, Jhanjharpur R.S. (as directed by C.B.S.E.) a lecture was organised on mathematics. The principal of the  school Mr. Sailendra Kumar outlined the importance of mathematics in our day-today life and suggested the students to take keen interest in mathematics as by solving mathematical problems one can learn to solve problems of life in due course of time.

          Other senior Mathematics teachers Mr. B.K. Jha, Mr. R.P.Singh, Mr. Saroj Kumar and Mr. Barun kumar stressed on the importance of Mathematics.

17-12-2014 Essay Writing Competition

An essay writing competition was organised in school premises students from Class VI to VIII and Class IX to XII participated in it. The topic of the essay was importance of Mathematics in our day today life. From Class VI to VIII category Aditya Raj of Class VI A, Ashwini Kumar of Class VIII A and Prabhat Kumar Mishra of Class VII A have been decleared First, Second and Third position holders respectively. From Class IX to XII category Apurva Mishra of Class X B, Ramanand Yadav of Class IX A and Govind Kumar of Class IX B have been decleared First, Second and Third. Position holders respectively.

18-12-2014 Quiz Competition

A Quiz Competition was organised for the students of Class Xth, deviding them into three groups named A, B, & C. With the score of 85 out of 100 group A was declared winner of the event.

19-12-2004 Experience Sharing Session

An Experience Sharing Session was held in the school by teachers and students they all shared their views how can mathematics be made interesting and innovative. Mr. B.K. Jha, Mr. R.P. Singh, Mr. Barun Kumar, Mr Saroj Kumar & Mr. Vibhuti Bhushan Jha as teachers shared their views with the students. They stated of the importance of Mathematics in daily life of people.

20-12-2014 Screening of film

A film produced by Vigyan Prasar was also screened in the e-class room as well as power point presentation on the biography of Ramanujam, Aryabhatta and Phthagoras were also presented and all the students keenly observed the events and draw up important lessons.

22-12-2014 Poster Making Competition & Closing Ceremony.

A Poster Making Competition was organised on mathematics. All theparticipants have shown their innovative skills in it. Pallavi Singh, Yashi Singh & Vidya Shree have been declared First, Second and Third respectively.

On the closing ceremony the Principal of the school Mr. Sailendra Kumar thanked all the students and teachers and appreciated their contribution during the week. He also emphasized on the application aspects of Mathematics in our daily life. He appealed the students to be more focused on its importance as it would help them in their career ahead in days to come.

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